About the project



The main recommendations of the Eurydice report (2006) encourage authorities to provide:

  • the possibility of a joint curriculum development, professional development of teachers, availability of teaching materials and the possibility of their improvement;
  • access to professional networks dedicated to different forms of bilingual education, especially within CLIL;
  • access to CLIL information on EU resources that may help teachers and students as a support;
  • further development of cooperation between teachers (subject-language, subject-subject) within the school;
  • school partnerships, in which teachers of particular subjects, including English, can share materials and thoughts.

Bearing these recommendations in mind, the CLIL-VET project will be directed to teachers of vocational schools and training institutions for future teachers.



  • the development of framework for the preparation and application of CLIL methodology in vocational schools;
  • preparation of methodological workshop for teachers on the application of CLIL methodology in vocational schools;
  • the development of lesson plans in English for vocational schools;
  • preparation of a multimedia database with teaching materials for teachers of vocational schools.



Dissemination seminars for vocational schools’ teachers (Poland, Austria, Romania, Spain) on implementing the CLIL-VET model. International CLIL-VET conference in Warsaw in April 2020.